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When Two Paths Cross

Bonjour! I can not wait to tell of my novel Sarah's Key by Tatiana De Rosnay. This novel is by far my favorite I have read this year. At first I read the novel for enjoyment but it quickly turned to a history lesson. Unlike other books, I immediately was mesmerized and fully set on finishing it. I read in class, during lunch, and at night. I feel in love with this novel. It is set during World War II, one of my favorite topics to learn about. The novel is told between two females, in two different time periods, Paris in 1942, and Paris in 2002. Just by knowing the setting, point of view and topic this novel is already right up my alley.

     The novel is told between a ten year old jewish girl, Sarah Starzynski, living in Paris during 1942, and a journalist, Julia Jarmond, living in Paris in 2002. Rosnay weaves the stories together beautifully. The novel brings out emotions of sadness, anger, happiness, and curiosity. On July 16, 1942 in Paris, thousands of Jews were rounded…

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