Monday, January 9, 2017

Thinking Out Loud

    Happy New Year, and welcome to my final blog in Ms. Mayo's class. For my sophomore year
my reading goal is twelve books, and it is about to be the halfway mark and I have read a total of six books. This year I finally found the type of book I lean towards. I love books set in high school, and include romance. I feel those are books I can relate to, being in high school, and adding in a little bit of romance never hurts. Once finding the type of book I enjoy it's easier to find a book that I won't abandon. Hopefully the final semester I keep on track to making my reading goal.
    Over the Christmas break, I finished The Color Purple by Alice Walker and began Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Thirteen Reasons Why was a book I heard a lot about, and many of my friends recommended to read. the book truly lives up to all the talk. I could not put it down, and stayed up two nights in a row to find out what happens next.
   Hannah and Clay are the main characters. Hannah committed suicide but before committing suicide she made thirteen cassette tapes that are to be passed around to the thirteen people who are in them. Cassette 4 : Side B, begins with "Would you want the ability to hear other people's thoughts?.. What if they could hear your thoughts...right now?" (235). My immediate answer would be I would not want to hear others thoughts, or have my thoughts being heard. My thoughts are private, and something I keep to myself. Call me crazy, but in situations, or just random times I have conversations to myself. My mom has always taught me to keep my thoughts and opinions to myself, and that is exactly what I do. Good or bad my little head holds many opinions and thoughts. I can't get over the thought of all my thoughts being heard by everyone, imagine all your thoughts, and opinions just thrown out there.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Girl Power

   Well friends, my reading goal of twelve is looking reachable. I have finished two books and starting my third book already. My third book will be Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Christmas break is about to begin and the time I will have to read will be plenty. I especially love reading on the airplane. It's relaxing up in the sky, it's like escaping from the hustle and bustle below.
   The second book I read this nine weeks was my AP book, The Color Purple by Alice Walker. The dialogue was a tad complicated in the beginning but once understanding what the narrator was saying it became easier. The Color Purple is about an african-american woman, named Celie,  living in the south during the 1930's. Life for an african-american came with many challenges and woman at the time were not receiving respect or had an rights. Woman were to stay home clean the house, take care of the children and work in the field. Celie's husband beat her, and raped her. This happened to many woman in the book.

  Celie had a large transformation in the book. In 1930's woman lived a life with limited rights it is said throughout the book, "A girl is nothing to herself, only to her husband can she become something". (277) A woman in this time were to clean the house, take care of the children, and please the husband. Celie's life was exactly like that until, Shug came in and taught her that a woman has the ability to have a voice and speak up for herself. Celie was able to take control of her life. A woman's voice is still limited today. It is not as limited as the 1930's but a woman's power and voice in the world is still small or viewed as not important. As a young woman growing up, and wanting to go into the man's world of football, I want my voice to be heard. Just because I am a female doesn't mean I have any less rights as a male. Woman have a voice, we have the right to be heard, and we have the ability to make a life for ourself. In this generation woman are becoming more and more powerful in this world. I hope to be able to be a successful woman with power when I grow up.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life is NOT Perfect

   The first nine weeks of sophomore year have concluded, and my goal to read 43 books by the end of the year is not going so well. Let's be honest here, I am the slowest reader on this planet, and reading outside of school is a struggle for me, I can't seem to keep a consistent schedule of reading every night for 15 minutes. Therefore, I have decided to bump my reading goal for sophomore year down to a more realistic number of 12. I chose 43 in the beginning of the year because I wanted to challenge myself, and thought seeing a larger number would motivate me to do it. I am still challenging myself with a goal of only 12 but it's more of goal that I can actually accomplish. To add to my goal of 12 books I will be reading, The Color Purple by Alice Walker (AP book), 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, and Chuck Noll: His Life's Work .
  The book I have chosen to start my next nine weeks is, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. A girl named Melinda chose to call the cops at a party at an end of summer and is now an outcast between her classmates. Melinda must now deal with the struggle of being alone, and trying to find new friends. But does she tell her classmates why she did what she did ?
  One day in biology class Melinda is learning about plants, and how a seed is planted. When studying Melinda says, "Plants make way more seeds then they need, because they know that life is not perfect and all the seeds won't make it" (233). After reading this quote I related it to life. When making a plan to do something, do you just make a plan A or continue to make a plan B, C, and D? When applying to college, do you apply to just your first choice, or do you apply to four back up ones?  When applying for a job, do you apply to one place, or do you have apply to three more?When writing down an emergency contact, do you write down just one, or write two to three? In life you never just plan for one plan and only one plan. What if that one college you applied for doesn't accept you, or that one emergency contact you wrote down doesn't answer? I am that person that has six back up colleges, four emergency contacts, and when making plans with friends I always have a plan B. Life isn't perfect, it isn't always going to  go that perfect way you planed in your head. You might not get accepted into your first choice of college, that job you really wanted you might not get. Yes it's going to be hard when you don't get into your first choice, or get that job you really wanted. But remember life isn't perfect.  Like a plant, plant as many seeds as you can because you never know what seeds will make it, and what seeds won't.

Monday, October 10, 2016

MOJO's Impact

    Never thought I would say this....but I can't seem to put a book down. Reading has became a consistent activity on my schedule. I set aside about fifteen to thirty minutes before I go to bed to pull out my ipad, and read. I do prefer reading from my ipad then an actual book because I am able to do a sample of a book then decide to keep going or abandon it. Reading truly is relaxing and is a great escape from a chaotic day.

     I ended Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, and had to go through the process of picking my non-fiction book. Most of the non-fiction books I read are in the football genre. I would like to be the First Woman NFL Head Football Coach when I grow up, so I use books over coaches, and teams to learn the game. I decided to stay in my comfort zone and chose a football book. One of my summer reading books was over Coach Nick Saban from the University of Alabama. The book was more of a step by step on how to be successful in coaching. For this non-fiction book I stayed away from a step by step, and wanted to read a true biography over a coach or team. After many samples, I chose Friday Night Lights by H.G. Bissinger.

      Every Texan knows Friday nights are spent under the bright lights cheering on your high school team to victory. Bissinger puts true meaning to why Texas's love for high school football is larger then anyone could imagine. Friday Night Lights  takes you to Odessa, Texas where the Pemian Panthers are the talk of the town. At the opening game of the 1988 season, a young girl's reaction to the team taking the field truly shows the impact of the panthers to the town, "A little girl in glasses put her hand to her mouth, as if she had seen something incredible, and made her momentarily speechless between screams".(184) That reaction from the little girl, is the exact one I got, and maybe still do, when I see the Hebron Hawks take the field. Coach Brazil calls me the football junkie, and I take pride in that title. When I grow up I want to be the first woman NFL head football coach. My knowledge of the game is at a decent amount, and is growing everyday. I wake up every day to be at practice at 6:15 to film, and spend my Thursdays and Fridays filming games. Football has been a huge part of my life. Friday nights have always been spent at the Woodshed for me. The sounds of the band playing, cheerleaders yelling, and student section going crazy are all I have ever heard on Friday night. Sundays are then spent watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, beat up on their opponent. That little girl's reaction truly is me. Seeing the hawks take the field every Friday, is the best way to start my weekends full of football.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Reading Progress

My sophomore reading is starting off well. After the first week, I was able to get a schedule set, and was able to set aside fifteen minutes of reading a night. With setting aside fifteen minutes, I have been able to finish my first choice reading in a appropriate amount of time. My first book I accomplished was Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. It was a book in my comfort zone which made it easy for me not to put down. My next book to accomplish will be my non-fiction, and I hope to venture out of my comfort zone with it.

The most recent book, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell is a book of high school love, and staying together no matter how challenging it can be. Eleanor is the new girl with big red hair, and unique outfit choices. Park is the quiet Korean boy, who is in love with comic books. Park is soon not only in love with comic books, but falls in love with Eleanor quickly after she is forced to sit by him on the bus. As their cheesy love story evolves, Eleanor sums up how Park makes her life better, "the world rebuilt itself into a better place around him"(434). Eleanor lives in a house where her mom is abused by her step-father. Her life is full of fear and sadness. Park is the one to take the fear away when she is with him. Before Park came into Eleanor's life, Eleanor viewed life with negativity and had a large amount of sadness. Park has come into her life and brought back her happiness, and found a positive in her life.

In life we come across many different types of people, but every person we come across has the ability to change our perspective at the world, whether it be good or bad.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sophomore Reading

Hello, my name is Isabel Diaz, but most people call me Izzy. I  am a sophomore at Hebron High School and on the JV cheerleading squad. . As every other little girl did I began reading the Junie B Jones books, from there I began to read The Great Illustrated Classics including;  The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss, and White Fang by Jack London. Around fifth grade reading became challenging for me. I viewed reading as educational and boring instead of something fun. In eighth grade I began to find books I enjoyed and viewed as fun.  I like to relate to stories, for example I just finished Liars and Losers Like Us by Ami Allen-Vath and it's a book set in high school, and about first love. I love trying to put myself in the characters shoes, and going through all the emotions a character portrays. Not only do I love fiction books about high school, and love, I enjoy non-fiction books about history and football. I am a football junkie and learn the game from reading about it. Reading is not only viewed as for school purposes but for enjoyment.

My reading goal for my sophomore year is forty-three books. I set such a high goal of forty-three books because I want to challenge myself to reading more. Plus I would feel extremely accomplished if I made my goal, considering it takes me about two months to finish two books. To help reach my goal I have increased my amount of reading a day,  I read twenty minutes in class a day, and have gotten into a routine of fifteen minutes before bed. I definitely need to read more on the weekends instead of watching Netflix all day. Three books that I will be reading to help me get me to my goal are; Lord of the Flies by William Golding, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, and one other AP titles. As well as my AP reading, I will be reading a non-fiction book. I am not sure what the book will be but I have a feeling it will be about football. My to read list is very long, and those titles are for sure not the only two that will be included in helping me to my goal.